Steam Service

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When Winter Strikes, We Can Help! Brad Smith Roofing has been safely removing ice and snow for homeowners for years. Whether it’s routine snow removal or emergency service, we can tackle the job, big or small. Now, with the use of low pressure steam, ice and snow can be removed from your roof. Beware of Ice Damns! An ice dam is a build-up of ice near the gutter edge of your roof that may cause water to get trapped under the shingles. As the water freezes further up the roof, it may begin to melt from the heat in the attic and cause water to enter the house. Preventing Ice Damns… There are two main sources to preventing Ice Dams from forming. One is to install Ice and Water shield underlayment to act as a barrier. The second is to have proper ventilation in the attic space. When heat and condensation build up under the roof decking, the rate in which snow melts is increased. Call Brad Smith Roofing today at 440-835-3377 to schedule a free inspection and to learn more about Ice Dam and Winter Maintenance for your home.  

Request Winter Service:

Our minimum charge for this service is $375, which covers the cost to travel to the job and up to one hour to perform the required service at the job site.  This fee must be paid in advance by credit card.  After one hour on the job, our charge is $185.00 per hour, charged in increments of 15 minutes.   Materials are not included in these prices.  If materials are required, there will be an additional charge.  When the job is completed, we will call you with any final charges if the job exceeded one hour, and required any materials.  These charges, if any, will be applied to your credit card.

Also please be advised that, because we remove snow and ice manually, icy material from upper roofs may fall or be deposited on lower roofs, depending on roof configurations.  In many cases, this material must be removed as well so as not to place an extra weight burden on a lower roof, or contribute to ice build up in another location.  Ultimately, all removed ice and snow will wind up on the ground around your house; we do not haul it away.

While we exercise great care in our work, Brad Smith Roofing Company cannot be responsible for any damage that could occur to the customer’s property (i.e. the roofing system, which includes shingles, flashing, gutters, spouts, siding and all other property below the gutter line, including landscaping) while removing ice and snow off the roof and gutter systems.

If we have removed existing gutters as a preventative measure against ice back-up, new or existing gutters must be reinstalled when weather permits.  (Please be aware that with the removal of gutters there is a possibility that your basement could be vulnerable to moisture.) We will be happy to provide this service for you, and our estimator will discuss the additional costs with you, including costs to repair any damage to the roofing system which may occur during emergency snow and ice removal.

Due to ice back-up conditions, our efforts will help to alleviate some, but not necessarily all, water infiltration into your home.  We have products that can be added under your roof system that will prevent water infiltration in the future during winter weather conditions such as we are now experiencing.  Ask us to explain your options and provide you with an estimate.