April 2016; Thinking Spring!

Here at Brad Smith Roofing we have been thinking Spring all winter long! This winter in Northeast Ohio has been so unusual with 50 to 60 degree highs but the “after-effects” of the cold and windy winters are still the same as ever. Have you ever come home to find shingles on the ground and wondered if they were from your home or the neighbors? Well, it’s time to start thinking Spring and looking at the details around your yard and your roof!

Here are some of the warning signs we look for in our inspections:

Roof and Exterior Checklist

1. Roof Condition

a. General Appearance

b. Debris/Physical Damage

c. Surface Condition

d. Bare spots/Blistering

e. Ridging/Wrinkling

2. Flashing Condition

a. Punctures

b. Deterioration

c. Blistering

d. Caulk deterioration

3. Supporting Structure – Exterior Walls

a. Expansion/Contraction

b. Water Stains

c. Physical Damage

In our thorough inspections we look at the overall condition of the exterior of the home from the roofline up and we may even spot a thing or two around the windows or siding as well. We would be happy to come out and check out any concerns you may have complete with photos. It is a good practice to take do an inspection of the exterior areas of the house on an annual basis.

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