Stacey Phelps, Sarah “Fred” Kolesch, & Stacey Kitchen (2014)
Stacey Kitchen and her 2 children Madi & Gabe (2015)
Team Fred, 2014 ~ 5 Years Cancer-Free!
For the past few years, Stacey Kitchen has been a part of Team Fred, fundraising for the Susan G. Komen Northwest Ohio ~ Race for the Cure. Brad Smith Roofing is proud to be a continual supporter for Stacey and Team Fred.

Fred, is also known as Stacey’s closest childhood friend, Sarah (Fredericks) Kolesch. Stacey met Sarah when she moved to Port Clinton when they were both about 8 years old. They both attended Bowling Green State University and were together on their graduation day. Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was only 32 years old and a mother of 3 children. She fought the good fight and is fortunate to say she is now a proud survivor! Sarah and her family and friends now race in support of the Susan G. Komen fund that supports those battling cancer everyday.

Sarah raised more than $1,000 last year in 2015 and was recognized as a Pink Honor Roll Fundraiser:


Susan G Komen Race for the Cure 2015