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As a valued client of the Brad Smith Roofing Co. we would like to extend to you an exclusive program for commercial roof maintenance; to evaluate and prolong the life expectancy of your buildings most valued asset, your commercial roof. A maintenance program is proactive, NOT reactive. We can help identify issues at their beginning stages, when they can still be corrected before extensive work is required.

Normally, the cause of roof failure is due to the lack of maintenance or no maintenance at all. Usually, a roof issue starts out as a small or minor repair, but left unchecked it turns into a major roof problem. Our program will help eliminate roofing issues that left unchecked could cause serious damage.

Once or twice a year, depending on the plan chosen, a Brad Smith Roofing Co. representative will come out to your property and evaluate your commercial roof and provide the following service:

All of the existing roof drains and or scupper drains will be cleaned of all debris to allow for water drainage. “This is the most over looked maintenance item on all commercial roofs.”

All roof penetrations such as; curbs, vent stacks, soil stacks, corners, wall flashings, pitch pockets, HVAC units, gutter edge flashings, and metal edge flashings will be inspected to verify if they are still in proper working order.

Any minor issues found, that can be repaired in the hour covered by the inspection fee, will be processed immediately while on site.

If a more involved repair is required, a separate proposal will be given and only processed after the proposal has been reviewed and signed by the building owner.

Along with every roof inspection, you will receive a detailed roof inspection report which will explain all of the deficiency items inspected on your roof. You will also receive a corresponding set of pictures that will show the current conditions and any deficiencies in the roof system that could possibly need repair along with pictures of any items that were repaired during the roof inspection.

With our years of commercial experience, we guarantee that a semi annual routine inspection, evaluation, combined with preventative maintenance to your commercial roof system,  will increase the long term service life and prolong the inevitable, a complete roof replacement.

We thank you for your time to look over and read our commercial roofing maintenance program and are look forward to hopefully serving you and servicing your building. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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